Any suggestions for removing the resin glue? Second, rotate the screen so you can access screw holes. For people having trouble getting the solder to melt, the jack itself can act like a large heatsink, drawing all the heat away from the joint, so it can take a bit of time for the solder to melt, far longer than the seconds some sites suggest it will. Do you recall whether the circuit board was black before you unsoldered the jack, or after? Then, I took the docking station luckily it is small , connected the PA to it, and docked the laptop. It sounds archaic but wiggle it.

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DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

The jack itself looks like ti has 4 prongs that are affixed to the motherboard via glue vao 5 points that are soldered in. Thanks for the pictrorial instructions they sony vaio vgn-cr490 helped me tremendously. Took my time working my sony vaio vgn-cr490 around the connectors desoldered the old one. It took approximately 4 hrs total.

I checked the voltage on the adapter and it showed I ordered a new adapter. Just use a pair of needlenose on the half-piece, apply heat and voila. For future knowledge, instead of breaking off, pull from the top and heat from the bottom to pull the jack pegs free. I sony vaio vgn-cr490 fixed my laptop after it has been sitting in my closet for 2 years.

Now it is completely dead!!! When I completely insert it, I lose the power. If the adapter is not plugged in, the starts up okay.

Again this worked for a while and then the same problem. Its also possible that sony vaio vgn-cr490 of your memory sticks is dead due to ESS or that while unsoldering the jack you somehow damaged the memory sockets. Is that most likely a bad connection with the power jack? Is it the right one? I am working on Toshiba Satillite AS; some of the holes are marked and some are not. There are almost always screws on the bottom and under the keyboard.

It was the only one I successfully opened. I have a M35XS Toshibha laptop, currently ot does not start. I disassembled all the way down, heated sony vaio vgn-cr490 the iron, and took a second look at the middle pin, furthest from the adapter opening, the one sojy carries the voltage back 19v?

Any idea how much it would cost to get it fixed estimate at a third party repair shop. No fan, hdd, or POST.

DC power jack repair guide

Now I have a related problem- the little black resister? What is my problem? I just want to say thank you soooooo much for posting this guide and helping us with this problem. If external monitor works fine but you have no video on the sony vaio vgn-cr490 LCD, check the video cable vg-cr490 on the motherboard, make sure the cable is properly connected to the sony vaio vgn-cr490. But do i need to replace a new jack for my laptop to work properly?


My power jack broke off so I replaced the jack and soldered it on firmly. Then covered up hole with tape.

Sony vaio vgn-cr490 the fuse is OK and motherboard receives power from the adapter but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard. I cannot use the notebook with external power anymore. I never thought I could pull something like this off, but it worked!!!

Even more recently, the adaptor was knocked loose on the corner of the desk sony vaio vgn-cr490 the power pin broke completely.

Anytime I turn my laptop hp dv the battery led is on but the machince wiil not boot. Or do you have any suggestions?

All my soldering knowledge is limited to power jack replacement. Anyway… very secure jack in that model — sadly the customer dropped it while the DC adapter was plugged in, which shattered the inside of the jack. Do you recall whether the circuit board was black before you unsoldered the jack, or after? This guide provided the extra look that I needed to do sony vaio vgn-cr490 repairs. I continued soldering anyway. The trick to fix it so you can forget it is to sony vaio vgn-cr490 the entire pad free of the green coating solder mask.

I followed all these instructions and my A70 is now working again and no longer destined for the scrap heap.

First i thought it was the charger, simply being over used it died. Should have read on before pulling. Coul that be why or is there another explanation for my problem? But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end sony vaio vgn-cr490 of home appliances sony vaio vgn-cr490 well.

I did buy a new battery. So, takes deep breath I will be attempting this repair myself.

Many thanks for the very clear and detailed instructions. Is this something I can fix by myself? But, sony vaio vgn-cr490 my 4 adapters, why did 3 fail and 1 work and is still working? My Laptop only charges when the wire is pushed vgn-cr940 on the DC jack.