My PC is under garentee. Maybe the image is very dim? When you test voltage coming to the inverter from the motherboard, you should set your voltmeter to test DC in the range somewhere between VDC. Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Now I did some testing and it is NOT as dark as if the backlight is out.

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I sony pcg-8v1l a Laptop here sony pcg-8v1l a strange problem. On some laptop models the backlight will light up ONLY when you have video cable plugged into the screen. You can damage the inverter or kill the motherboard. For AC adapter tips measuring 6.

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The display driver is up to date as is Vista. Maybe you purchased a defective inverter? This could be either bad inverter or faulty backlight. It could be a electrical board on the screen, it could be the screen cable. How do i know which side is the correct sony pcg-8v1l because with the small connector you can plug in either ways. sony pcg-8v1l

I have a problem with my old laptop screen — sony grx series — that doesnt seem to turn on eventhough everything else seems to work fine. PaulQ August 4, Please help me by replaying to my mail. I have since replaced the lcd screen following your excellent directions.

By sony pcg-8v1l some of the instructions I could zero in on sony pcg-8v1l problem. From my experience, when inverter fails the entire screen goes dark. Please solve me this problem.

Bobinator June 9, It seems the capacitors were damaged. Rebecca Meyers January 19, This is superb article on debugging inverter and lamp. I do not know what to do to be sure. Make sure you are using the right screen. Iguanodon December 29, sony pcg-8v1l If you spilled milk sony pcg-8v1l the keyboard not displayprobably your failure is related to the motherboard.

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Then I connected a cracked old screen and see dim picture. Incidentally, I noticed a very dim display sony pcg-8v1l the screen while booting up the first time after removing the CCFL. Do I have a bigger problem? It always re-lights if I sleep and resume or whenever I start an external monitor.

Leon September 28, Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Jamal March 5, If I then open and then close the display, it will come back on.

A month ago I concluded the monitor was just shot and needed to be replaced as I ;cg-8v1l able to get video to an external monitor but got no image on the LCD at all. Maybe connecting the a nominal voltage to certain terminal and how to identify those specific terminals of input voltage.

A faulty inverter board sony pcg-8v1l cause lines sony pcg-8v1l the screen. Is this simply an issue with my screen inverter or with the wires, and is it fixable or not?

Could I have received two bad replacement screens?

The left side connects to the LCD cable. Are you sure there is no video on the screen?

How to test screen inverter

The flickering is more when i connect my charger to the laptop. Simply moving the screen on its hinges fixes the problem and puts the LCD right back where it should be — in perfect looking condition.

Moving the dislay panel back and forth does not make any difference. If both inverters are identical, you can try it. Both backlights have sony pcg-8v1l ohms resistance which seems reasonable. But sony pcg-8v1l if one of the parts is faulty and there is no magnetic field around the inverter?