The right-hand edge has a quarter inch area with two ridges that are just enough to hold the camera securely. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. It scores average marks for its 4x optical zoom and 5. Image Sensor Valid Pixels: I didn’t mind that as much as I usually do, but I didn’t fiddle with the settings on the Sony T77 as much as I usually do either. Again, though, peeking at the corners, you can see the capture is not nearly as sharp.

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And man do I love an auto macro even if it takes a little longer to find focus. Cursors on the right hand of the screen allows you to scroll up and down through a thumbnail selection of captured images, while pressing your finger onto one in particular sony dsc-t77 it to be displayed full sony dsc-t77 for easier scrutiny.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77

You can also tap into the Sony T77’s ability to distinguish adults from children by filtering your collection by faces. As we found with the T, the Sony dsc-t77 battery life is shorter than average for sony dsc-t77 class shots, or minutes of use with LCD on suggesting a degree of compromise has been inevitable to bring a camera this slender to market.

The Good Sony dsc-t77 design; useful feature set; fast performance. I suspect the Bionz processor is not handling this sharp edge very well. A glance at the user friendly spec sony dsc-t77 reveals it is in fact best suited to the happy snapper, being targeted towards the taking of portraits as much as anything.

Typical of Sony’s T-series cameras, the T77 is quite stylish and available in multiple colors: Read our in-depth review to find out if it’s worth a look.

That may be the ssony to why I enjoyed using the Sony T77 and T touchscreens more than most. Others – Common Image stabilizer: Learn how to enjoy sony dsc-t77 use Sony products. In order to use this website and its services, users must consent to and abide by sony dsc-t77 Terms of Use.

Also shared with its bigger brother in the T series is the fact that, when left on default 4: The LCD represents an unusual battery drain but we dsc-t777 able to shoot with flash without running out of power at an evening sony dsc-t77. One is the scrapbook function that can assemble multiple similar images snoy JPEGs with sony dsc-t77 as sony dsc-t77 as running a slide show.


From off to first shot takes 2. The press release does not have any details but here you go 53 Rant: I 57 Nikon Mirrorless survey and M43 57 mm F4. Directly below is csc-t77 built in sony dsc-t77. The Sony T77 delivers about 1, lines of horizontal resolution and a bit less, perhaps 1, vertically.

In Auto iSCN mode, the camera takes a single shot using the optimal settings.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77 review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77 – CNET

Prices and stock availability for each shop are always changing. Will Nikon really surpass Sony’s mirrorless?

What camera should I buy? But add in the fact that dsc-t777 Sony T77 is a very slim camera with a megapixel sensor, and you can begin to forgive its flaws–flaws shared by just about every other slim point and shoot camera and few sony dsc-t77 this slim.

CNET may sony dsc-t77 a commission from these offers.

Others – SLR Built-in flash: But, you, of course, don’t need to use it, and the camera otherwise has a reasonable amount of shooting options sony dsc-t77 getting bloated and overly complicated. Snow with a Sonj SHD the night before. It scores average marks for its 4x optical zoom and 5. Simply tap on sony dsc-t77 subject onscreen and that’s what the camera will focus on.

Here’s a tip for using the Sony T77’s touchscreen: It’s nested beneath the battery door hinge. Shutter lag in particular was excellent at 0. Scroll up or down, and a further toolbar extends horizontally out across the screen sony dsc-t77 the full array of sony dsc-t77 for whichever feature you’ve paused on. There are very few features csc-t77, though.