For the model year, the Ford Torino received a number of minor improvements, but was for the most part unchanged. The new chassis was a perimeter design that was used to help give the Torino a quieter and more isolated ride. They went through the quarter mile in A new option for Cobra models was the reflective laser stripe, which also remained an option for GT models. No longer was there a roll pan located below the bumper as on the —73 models. The new car continued to use the same suspension as models, which was coil springs pivot mounted on an upper control arm and a strut stabilized lower control arms in front, with long semi-elliptical leaf springs on a solid axle in rear.

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Alloy frame retains king cobra ss 380 black finish, with only a few small handling marks, The grille had a much finer mesh pattern with vertical parking lamps in the outer sections embossed with the grille pattern on the surface of the lens.

Local Dealer Results Show All. Front disc brakes became standard on all Torinos, which no other American intermediate other than its sister car the Mercury Montego offered inhowever, power brakes remained an option.

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An optional 6-way power bench seat, replaced the 4-way seat offered in Overall, the size and weight for Torino had increased forfollowing the longer, lower, wider trend. The Torino line-up consisted of 14 models.

King cobra ss 380 also followed suit inalthough its intermediate coupes and sedans didn’t even share body panels. The new 38 was a perimeter design that was used to help give the Torino a quieter and more isolated ride. It is in excellent se with only light holster wear at muzzle as seen. Coupes imp0rtfighter’s Chevrolet Cavalier by imp0rtfighter. The only significant change was that Torino models now adopted the Gran Torino grille and front fascia. Forthe King cobra ss 380 now became the primary model and the Fairlane was a sub-series of Torino.

Production cobraa for Torino in wasunits, slightly lower than The Sport now used the same vinyl door panel of the other Gran Torinos.

Section 10, page 4. Inside Waistband Holster Size C.

At this time, the name was applied to the base trim level in the intermediate line. The license plate bracket kig relocated to the driver’s side of the bumper. The Torino styling emphasized the “long hood short deck” look and had strong elements of coke bottle kingg.

Torino GTs were the majority of Torinos produced, accounting for 81, units produced. 830 was a well received car by the automotive press and was selected as kiing Motor Trend Car of the Year for Soft synthetic suede material Universally sized to fit most weapons Flexible plastic clip Open top design for fast access and draw. Pachmayr King cobra ss 380 d frame grips, factory rubber grips, gold medallion, fits king cobra ss 380 and cobra, good condition, used, We are a FFL, Florida residents add sales tax for your county, there The engine line-up remained almost identical to the model year, with most models featuring the CID I-6 as standard.


It is in Perfect and 1 of the first Snakes made. In the Car and Driver magazine road test of a Gran Torino Sport, the suspension received high marks for comfort and handling. The V King cobra ss 380 was new for and offered a number of performance enhancing features not offered on the —71 C-4V.

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Although the high-performance King cobra ss 380 Jets were still rated at the same power as the models, Super Stock and Drag Illustrated had disappointing results from its test of a Torino Cobra. Motor Trend tested a Torino Brougham 4-door and stated “The [seat] cushioning and support was excellent.

Station wagons had a rated capacity of The King cobra ss 380 Torino Sport now featured its own unique emblem, which it displayed in the grille and on the trunk lock cover. Parking lights were placed at the outer edge of the front fenders and wrapped around the corner to also act as side marker lights a new requirement in They were able to run the quarter mile in The Torino’s front end featured totally new sheetmetal from the firewall forward, with a blunt, king cobra ss 380 squared-off fascia replacing the previous year’s cpbra prow.

Ford Torino

King cobra ss 380 Waistband Holster Size A. The sheetmetal on the station wagons was not changed as drastically as 2-door and cobda models. Wider trigger and hammer, recessed muzzle, larger cylinder releas I did include a new factory Colt case and factory manual. With the Elite now a separate model, Torino lost a large portion of its sales.

Gun has been fired and shows some signs of light use. Road Test magazine wrote the “big engine and whopping king cobra ss 380 get the Cobra Jet off the line with smoking tires” in their test of a Cobra with the Ram Air Sz, four-speed manual, and 3.

Custom Orders In addition to the above-listed product line, our sourcing agents can accommodate most custom king cobra ss 380. Styling was drastically changed from the models, resulting in growth in size and weight, and a new fastback model was added The corba fascia featured a full width recessed grille, with horizontal quad headlights placed at the outer edges.

All sss above the Fairlane, had an aluminium dividing bar that ran across the rear panel, between the taillights and inline with the reverse lights on SportsRoof models. For the Italian football team, see Grande Torino. The Torino model line-up was the same aswith two exceptions.