Chattanooga , Tennessee, USA. Wireless networking module in the Shark Bay Centrino platform. Puducherry , India, formerly known as Pondicherry. All models have GMA integrated graphics. Contrairement aux chipsets Intel, la GeForce M se contente d’une seule puce contre deux pour les en raison de la disparition du southbridge. Possibly Prestonia , a neighborhood southeast of Louisville, Kentucky. Has four sockets, uses the GX chipset, and supports the Itanium processor.

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Intel L Ethernet riger. The planet Neptune or the Roman god Neptune. The first dual-core Xeon, essentially a dual-core Irwindaleand similar intel tiger point nm10 intel pineview d the desktop Smithfield. Essentially half of a Light Ridge. Xeon series dual-core and series quad-coreused in four-socket servers. The is dual-core, the others are single-core.

Intel et les Atom: Intel DH67CF desktop motherboard. Intel DGCZ desktop motherboard. Banias was the last of the non-US city names. Based on the Anvik controller chip.

Based on the PI controller chip Tabor 3. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Bobcat dans PC INpact, le 25 septembre Intel DP35DB desktop motherboard. Sur les autres projets Wikimedia: Successor to Salt Creek. Originally intended to be fiber-based, but the first versions use copper.

Ninth-generation Itanium processor, expected in It is most closely associated with Ivy Bridge processors. The second-generation Celeron processor. Successor to Truland, in favor of the cancelled Reidland. GPGPU built around a simplified x86 core a mini-core. Intel DH67GD desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Glenwood disambiguation for possibilities. Intel ACNX four-socket server motherboard.

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Platform Controller Hub

Intel XAT2 Ethernet controller. De l’Atom dans la prochaine Orange Box dans tom’s hardware. Reference unknown; Dunnington is a village in Yorkshire, UK, pinevieew this is not a likely reference. PCH for two- and four-socket servers based on the Purley platform. Intel series Ethernet PHY. Used with Pentium 4 processors.

Itanium series, the eighth-generation Itanium. Intel DG41BI desktop motherboard.

Also applies to server systems containing these motherboards. Intel DQFX desktop motherboard. Intel DXCS desktop motherboard. Atom CPU integrating technology licensed from Nokia and aimed at smartphones. Intel DQ43AP desktop motherboard.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Based on the Ophir controller chip. Intel DG41WV desktop motherboard. Nn10 named after SilverthorneColorado.

Platform Controller Hub – Wikipedia

Pour plus d’information, voir ce lien dans intel. Canceled in favor of Arrandale. Archived from the original on August 8, Intel SKP server motherboard. Archived from the original on Reference unknown; see Auburndale disambiguation for possibilities. Harpertowna place in Kern CountyCalifornia.