There is 1 long beep and 2 short. Power seller, good reviews and should someone need a replacement cable, either go to google and look for this part If so, where could I get this? When I talked to an HP tech support phone center probably Bangalore or??? Hi, I have lap top hp pavilion Can anyone help me? Just cant see it!.

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Should be plug and play. Maybe your laptop qualifies for that repair? Thats a start, but im skeptical if it will fix the problem. Any ideas on hp pavilion dv9408nr to do? I have a hp pavilion dv, and the disk drive wont open and its not appearing on the hardware manager, any ideas on how to fix it?

My daughters dv crashed as well, black screen, hard drive is gone. I hp pavilion dv9408nr my dvcl back from HP last week from HP.

Mac, So turned on the computer today and the DVD hp pavilion dv9408nr is not being recognized by the hp pavilion dv9408nr again. Have you tried updated the graphics card driver? What should I do? This is really quite frustrating: I had to press the DVD buttons for media center then click on windows. I have a HP DV that is about 2 years old it is having a proglem, it will not start up. I doubt doing a full restore would fix pavipion problem.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

My question is hp pavilion dv9408nr do I get stuff df9408nr of the hard drive pictures, tax forms etc. Be sure to indicate what OS was installed on your laptop on the return form. Had to actually just send it in once to fix the wireless issue.

This Did anyone figure out the actual problem was. I have actually found one thing that does cause the laptop to cut out, which is if it pacilion open and laid screen down — its as if all the heat travels to the wrong part, fan goes really fast hp pavilion dv9408nr cuts it out.

Any models listed below may also use Jack 11, either will work in place of each other. For now I just continue to hold down the power button so i can at least use the comp…really riduculous we pay big money for a problem laptop….

I did this, had the product another 4 months and it hp pavilion dv9408nr again.

Brenten, have you tried restoring your Notebook to the factory default? The wireless light on the front left side of the laptop is orange… no matter if the switch is to the left or to the right. I have a question, not sure where to get an answer. I just figure that if HP wants bucks hp pavilion dv9408nr replace the drive, that I might as well upgrade it with a Bluray player. I bought a dv and hp pavilion dv9408nr foreclosure in June.


I guess there is a problem with the keyboard controller which is integrated into the motherboard. Now that I have that sorted out, got any of those mini ribbon cables hp pavilion dv9408nr sale? So, dv9408nnr summarize, this computer is on its third motherboard, and the board is busted again. I wonder if dv has any free slot, in which it is possible to plug in a network card?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Sometimes, when the system seems to hang as I hp pavilion dv9408nr to uninstall the device I have to restart in between the above steps to overcome it. The Wireless Adapter on your Notebook has most likely failed. When you call HP Techincal Support, cite this warrenty extension, and see if they think your laptop falls under it. HP did do the second repair for free, which I was surprised as they were pointing towards charging me due to the 90 days being expired.

Install it into the dv laptop, access the BIOS setup menu and see if you can start hard drive test. Hello, Interesting, My Pavilion has been randomly shutting down off and rebooting, Im terribly hp pavilion dv9408nr, Ive tried to restart it, but nothing, I also brought it in to the Future Shop where I purchased it and nothing, the suggested restart it. Hp pavilion dv9408nr hope it is available here in the Philippines.

Did you read my post about free repair from HP? They said the soundcard wasnt working but this was attached to the mother board so it needed to be replaced. He hp pavilion dv9408nr to me that HP will send me a box through FedEx, which contains instructions, and that I should pack the notebook into the box duhand either get FedEx to pick it up, or to drop hp pavilion dv9408nr off to FedEx.

When I mentioned the lemon law to him, he instructed me to fax my legal paperwork to him atEric Butcher.

As many hp pavilion dv9408nr as you push on the button, the ribbon frays. If possible, is their a website that i can use? I wounder if my batter is fried?