The light dims when entering the energy saving mode and brightness slowly changes. Citizen ct-s line thermal printer user’s manual pages. Close the paper cover until you hear a click. When you print dense characters or dark image, the head temperature rises. If the head temperature exceeds a specified level, the printer stops printing operation and waits till the head temperature is lowered. Then follow the procedure for interface cable connection. Page 30 When you press the FEED button long, the set value is accepted and then the printer goes to the next setting item.

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Locations that are very dirty or dusty. Cutter lock releasing feed hole When the cutter blade is ct-s300 printer protruded after abnormal termination or paper jam, the paper cover cannot be opened. This is for ct-s300 printer software to support LPTx port only. If you find any pages missing or out of order, contact your Citizen Systems dealer for a replacement.

The function of each switch is as shown below. Most manufacturers use the same code cy-s300 a small selection of codes for all of their ct-s300 printer. Do not touch any of the ct-s300 printer parts e. Imprint Legal Copyright Privacy Policy. Using this driver, USB port can be used as serial port.

Please carefully read and agree the terms and conditions of the User License Agreement to use ct-s300 printer download any of the software or documentation provided from the web site. Manual Setting Of Memory Switches 5. Be careful that the covers do not pinch your hands or fingers. Long Life Print llp Function Settings 3. Remove the jammed ct-s300 printer including any paper chips remaining.

Drivers & Tools

This regularly updated list of printers and downloads offers easy access to all available drivers and tools. Remove the screw for the ground wire. Download Drivers Please carefully read and agree the terms and conditions of the User License Agreement to use or download any of ct-s300 printer software or documentation ct-s300 printer from the web site.

Other, External Views And Dimensions 5. Then follow the procedure for interface cable connection. Hold the plug and connector ct-s300 printer plugging or unplugging the power cord or signal cable after turning off the printer and the appliance connected to it.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Open drawer when printing Some printers will not use codes to open the cash drawer. It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class Prinetr computing device ct-s300 printer to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Ct-s300 printer, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment.

The function ct-s300 printer each memory switch is shown in the following table. Remove the board fixing screws, take out the interface board, and then set the DIP switch. Paper saving functions You can priner the following functions to save paper by setting the MSW to memory switches. When cleaning the printer, always turn it off and unplug it from the supply outlet. This manual also for: Confirm the orientation of the cash drawer kick-out cable connector and connect it to the cash drawer kick-out connector at the back of the printer.


Installation Manual English File size 2,k bytes Please read carefully before installing the driver. Do not touch any of the moving parts e. Other Built-in Functions 2. Flashes when data is incoming or a memory error has occurred. Should it occur, immediately turn the printer off, unplug it from the supply outlet, and call your local Citizen Systems dealer.

Also take out the paper roll from ct-w300 holder. Load the paper roll so that the printable side of ct-s300 printer paper is facing down, as ct-s300 printer by arrow A. Function Communication condition DIP switch setting setting method If the above procedure does not retract the auto cutter, contact your Citizen Ct-s300 printer dealer. Be careful in using the printer built in equipment, etc.

Move the paper near-end sensor unit ct-s300 printer the right and left while pushing it. Connecting Interface Cables 3. Turn ct-s300 printer printer power off.

If ct-s300 printer power cord sustains damage, contact your Citizen Systems dealer. Keep the power cord away from heat generating appliances.

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POS Printer Utility installer This utility is prinfer change the printer setting or customize the printer. The printer starts self-printing. Orient the cash drawer cable connector correctly, insert it into the cash drawer interface connector on ct-s300 printer back of the printer. Otherwise, the cut paper may drop into the cutter and may result in double cutting and narrow pieces of ct-s300 printer. Also, if the model is listed but the code listed for that printer does not work try the codes listed for the other model printers from that ct-s300 printer.

Turn on the power. Close the paper cover until you hear a click. May ct-s300 printer or light in a special mode ct-s300 printer in case of a failure. However, to use an 80 mm wide paper roll, remove the partition.

Auto cutter For cutting the paper automatically. The function of each memory switch is cg-s300 in the following table. Pull a few cm of paper straight out in the direction of arrow B.