The coatings on inkjet paper are not designed to withstand the temperature in the fuser That pre-printed paper must withstand a temperature of degrees centigrade in the fuser process. It may be worth gently shaking the toner and drum to redistribute any remaining toner and get some extra life if possible. Beware of static charges when doing this, do not touch the terminals if your body or the cloth might be charged with static. Unpack a new drum and replace the toner on it, make sure it clicks into place. As at March the paper feed kit is the only spare in UK distribution. Single sheet manual feed slot typically used for letterhead and envelopes. The printers are cheap but they could prove expensive to run if a lot of printing is required.

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Brother Original OEM TN420 Black Toner Cartridge

Windows, Macintosh and Linux Windows: To reprint the last document press “Go” for about 4 seconds. Broher mono laser printers introduced in January at a low price point intended to appeal to home and small office users.

Error and drum both flashing are either clean brother hl 2100 corona wire – or replace the drum.

None with this model. Output to sheet face down tray on top of the printer. Brother hl 2100 with Brother’s other printers and most printers there are some hidden user and service modes entered by holding down “Go” at power on. Paper Types Brother hl 2100 warn: With the HLW one leaflet says this is 1, pages. Flashing indicates a wait -warming up, cooling down, receiving data or some data is stuck in memory.

For instance to reset the network settings: Some websites suggest forcing the printer to use this toner but brothrr is a risk of contaminating the cleaning brush in the drum unit which will then need replacing or cleaning so it may be a false brother hl 2100.

Press the Go button brother hl 2100 times and check that all the LEDs light for one second. These printers have hot-roller fusers which demand high currents momentarily as the fuser reaches operating temperature.


Sleep mode reduces the power consumption to less than 8W. The user manual has details and pictures. It is usually worth turning the printer off, waiting a few seconds and then turning on again and waiting ten minutes to brother hl 2100 if the error will clear. Fuser unit failure is indicated by a service brother hl 2100 light pattern. Pressing the “Go” button during a print cancels it.

With the front cover closed Turn the power on whilst holding the “Go” button.

Brother HL Ink and Toner Cartridges –

The processor in a laser printer brother hl 2100 primarily used to convert the print language into the page image, a process called rasterisation.

All lights flash then on pressing “Go” the yellow toner light is on. With the printer on and the drum LED blinking open the front cover. For information on the multifunction printers see the relevant pages, the rest of this section only deals with the printers.

Obviously you don’t get Web based management on brother hl 2100 HL because it doesn’t have a network port; for a singleuser the Status Monitor will probably be more convenient. Unpack a new drum and replace the toner on it, make sure it clicks into place.

The printer isn’t extendable. The secure lock function is available as a download. As well as the rather basic lights and button the printer may have: Status Monitor – A function for indicating errors brother hl 2100 the printer on a PC. All lights flashing is a service call problem. This shows the operation completed. Media Types, Brother hl 2100 Paper Tray: Separate toner cartridge and drum unit.

Less than 10 seconds Print Resolution: