The power connection is placed on the far edge of the board. If we let ourselves take a closer look at the Silent OTES cooling, its main feature seems to be dissipating heat from the heatpipe originating from the small northbridge heatsink. We expect to see these issues resolved by Abit before public release. We will be unable to do so. Here is what lines the back of your system if you chose to install the AB9 Pro in it. A quick look, a glance.

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We settled for 1. This is abit ab9 as far as we can go. Alright, that might have been very exaggerated, but it is a highly convenient program.

Review: abit AB9 Pro – Mainboard – – Page 3

Log in Abit ab9 have an account? Today IDE is clinging on by one last thread, and I’m sure most computer users won’t shed a tear when it is finally dropped for good. If you were to give it a qb9 tweaks here and there, you could abit ab9 get even higher. No real surprises here either, the only thing being that 4. This makes the main power connection routing fairly easy, even if you’re using a power supply that features a short cord. One power connector out of place can create a mini wire routing puzzle game.

Abit AB9-Pro: Mainstream P965 Performance and Pricing

They also have a single IDE and floppy cable for the legacy devices included. Serial ATA is the defacto storage standard for years to come, abit ab9 it’s great to see motherboard manufacturers openly embrace it by plunking down forests of SATA jacks.

Whether this is correct or not is up to you to decide, but it still abit ab9 good benchmarking application, which why we use it.

With zbit features in mind, we wonder the following: Here we can see for how long the abit ab9 has been turned on, for how long the computer has been provided with current but being turned off at the same time, and also the voltages just like abit ab9 are set in BIOS, except for VDIMM that stubbornly shows 0. Most manufacturers include these drivers on the Abit ab9, but if you don’t have a9 computer handy to move them onto a floppy for your boot disks, it’s kind of useless.


Abit is one of the first manufactures to remove xb9 ports abit ab9 their enthusiast level Boards. Also, we have a capacitor whose position is a bit weird, but this abit ab9 no problem.

We take it for a spin and investigate if the board can handle some rough overclocking. In addition to the voltages themselves, the board offers great intervals between different voltages, that lets us set the voltage with precision rarely seen before.

This is fine-tuning at its best, if you feel like the 0.

ABIT AB9 QuadGT: Overclocking

Abit ab9 OK, but nothing to get excited about. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Sure, MHz on the FSB is good abit ab9 almost everything, except if you have an E that you want to overclock a lot, but for about SEK, you would want a board that clocks very well.

At the time of the review being written, the memory voltage is abit ab9 at 2. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

Otherwise, there would be very little for you to gain by tampering with this setting. First of all because there is a tremendous load on the processor with this application, but abit ab9 can still see a big abit ab9 of 1, points between for example 3. But we had no intention of stopping there, but also tried this out to have a reference.

From the top of the list, gamers will abit ab9 a full ten USB 2. We corrected this by raising the voltages a little, for example VCore to zbit. We were hoping to include this board in our Conroe Buyers Guide but unfortunately we did not receive this pre-release BIOS in time for testing. abit ab9

Abit AB9-Pro: Mainstream P Performance and Pricing

Higher abit ab9 on these ports gives you increased bandwidth between an9 ports, which might improve your performance in software Crossfire abit ab9 instance. Or at least, be rock solid. Generous nevertheless, as this might come in handy with other cooling than the standard one.

VCore was set to 1.